Informational picket at TruStone Finanical Credit Union Burnsville, MN Informational picket at TruStone Finanical Credit Union Burnsville, MN

Informational picket at TruStone Finanical Credit Union Burnsville, MN

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Thurs. July 30 from 6-7 pm - picket/action (safe & socially distanced) at Riverside Clinic

For live coverage of tonite’s action at Riverside clinic click here

HealthPartners has announced they are closing 8 clinics-exactly the wrong thing to do in the middle of a pandemic! Riverside Clinic is the one with the largest number of workers-and is right in the heart of one of the most diverse and low-income neighborhoods in Minnesota. Join union workers and community allies on July 30 to tell HealthPartners to put people ahead of profits!!!

Take the census today!

Reject the McConnell proposal and pass the HEROES Act

After months of sitting on his hands, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has finally released a proposal for COVID-19 relief. The package is called the HEALS Act, but unfortunately this poorly named bill will heal nothing and will only hurt working people and our families.

The relief package proposed by McConnell on July 27 is $2 trillion short and 73 days late. The bill drastically reduces the $600 in weekly unemployment benefits that thousands of America’s families are relying on right now. While the HEROES Act requires an emergency OSHA standard, McConnell’s proposal does nothing to keep workers safe and instead only protects corporations from liability. And during a time when millions of working people are without a job, health care or retirement security, the package also includes a bill from Sen. Mitt Romney that fast-tracks Social Security and Medicare cuts.

Please call your senator and tell them the McConnell bill is wrong for the country and that the HEROES Act is what we need

Upsides for Some Remote Workers; Lost Pay and Security for Others

Working from home creates economic winners and losers. It can benefit highly skilled employees but depress others’ wages and make it hard to organize.

When the pandemic hit and tens of millions of American workers suddenly redeployed to their basements and living rooms, it was easy to imagine that their workdays would unfold roughly as before, with communication tools like Slack and Zoom substituting for face-to-face interactions (and maybe with slightly greater multitasking opportunities).

HealthPartners Contract Extension Vote

Dear Local 12 members at HealthPartners,

As you know, the current contract between HealthPartners and OPEIU Local 12 is expiring on November 30, 2020.  While we are actively preparing for contract bargaining, this year has presented its own set of challenges.  The COVID 19 pandemic has caused far reaching financial consequences.  HealthPartners has already made decisions to address the budgetary situation caused by the pandemic, including furloughs and clinic closures.  Contract bargaining under normal circumstances is difficult, with the Employer often looking for ways to save money while the Union strives for financial and other gains.