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Bldg Trades Group, Mpls Electrical JATC Holly Lindholm
Bldg Trades CU - Bloomington Branch Amber Ehoff
Bldg Trades CU - Maple Grove Branch Tammy Bueligen
Bureau of Engraving Instructors Dana Mongoven
Carpenters Credit Union Maureen Gillian
CenterPoint Energy HQ (Chief Steward) Terrie Bares
CenterPoint Energy HQ Brad Best
CenterPoint Energy HQ Dave Mose
CenterPoint Energy Linden 1FL Joe Schulte
CenterPoint Energy Linden Gary Rogalski
CenterPoint Energy Linden 2FL Sheila Dehne
CenterPoint Energy Linden 2FL Gene Hanson
CenterPoint Energy Linden 2FL Veronica Jackson
CenterPoint Energy Linden 2FL Karen Landowski
CenterPoint Energy Linden 2FL Danielle Ray
CenterPoint Energy Mankato Lisa Menne
CenterPoint Energy Mankato Sue Hewitt
CenterPoint Energy Mankato Amy Segal
HealthPartners 401 HSC Christine Renstrom
HealthPartners 401 HSC   Bonnie DuBois
HealthPartners 435 HSC Amber Campbell
HealthPartners Apple Valley Cathy Ruhnau
HealthPartners Arden Woods Eye Connie Brown
HealthPartners Bloomington Clinic Carly Wermager
HealthPartners Claims (Chief Steward) Mary Brown
HealthPartners Como Clinic Ken Merriman
HealthPartners Como Clinic Ellen Elavsky
Healthpartners Como Clinic Kris Abercrombie
HealthPartners Coon Rapids Stephanie Sharp
HealthPartners First Trust Claims Nancy Farnham
HealthPartners First Trust Claims Sheila Mancl
HealthPartners First Trust Tarah Fulk
HealthPartners First Trust Patient Acct. Sue Kolias
HealthPartners First Trust Patient Acct. Pat Atchison
HealthPartners MAC Betty Jones
HealthPartners MAC Andrea Branson
HealthPartners Metro/8170 Muna Arman
HealthPartners Riverside Anna Wickoren
HealthPartners RVSC Lisa Mathaya
HealthPartners St Paul Clinic Charyl Peterson
HealthPartners Urgent Care(Chief Steward) Maird Pichotta
HealthPartners West Clinic Recee Williams
IBEW 292 Fringe Megan Henderson
Independent School District 16 Clerical Rolla Morin
Independent School District 16 Clerical Maria Norman
Independent School District 16 Para's Linda Kennedy
Independent School District 622 Ed Assts   Mary Laviolette
Independent School District 622 Clerical Jan Salava
Independent School District 833 (Chief Steward) Linda Daly
Independent School District 917 Ann Wengeler
Kemps, LLC Dave Morem
Laborers Local 563 Sara Nohrenberg
Law Enforcement Labor Services Doug Biehn
Law Enforcement Labor Services Clerical Therese Wesley
M.A.P.E. Kathy Fodness
M.A.P.E. Daniel Engelhart
M.A.P.E. David Hearth
M.A.P.E. Dave Kamper
Minneapolis Institute of Arts (Chief Steward) Debra Hegstrom
Minneapolis Institute of Arts Jennifer Curry
Minneapolis Institute of Arts Nicole Wankel
Minnesota AFL-CIO Verretta Stickland
Operating Engineers Local 49 Jeanne Lyke
Operating Engineers Local 49  Courtney Osamoh
Operating Engineers Local 49 Outstate Mankato Koreen Anderson
Operating Engineers Local 70 Jason Blum
SEIU Healthcare Minnesota Kristine Hakala
Special School District 6 Eileen O'Rourke
Special School District 6 Rose Krumrie
St Paul Elect Admin Serv Christine Rehak
Teamsters Local 320 Suzanne Slawson
TruStone Financial Federal Credit Union Carol Ekstrom
TruStone Financial Federal Credit Union Paula Menth
TruStone Financial Federal Credit Union Brittany Dobbins
Twin City Pipe Trades Service Association Laurenda Roney
UFCW Local 789 Michael Dreyer
Union Bank & Trust Theresa Fuhrmann
Union Bank & Trust Linda Pietrzak
Wilson McShane (Chief Steward) Julie Pearson
Wilson McShane Karen Grundhoefer
Wilson McShane Laura Casey
Wilson McShane Joshua Moutray
Wilson McShane Stephanie Malone
Zenith Administrators Nancy Kowal
Zenith Administrators Robbin Ersbo
Zenith Administrators Kim Higgins
Zenith Administrators Carol Loomis




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