/Portals/opeiu12/EasyDNNRotator/5046/z3eqyl4s.jpg Informational Picket at TruStone Finanical Credit Union Burnsville, MN

Informational Picket at TruStone Finanical Credit Union Burnsville, MN

/Portals/opeiu12/EasyDNNRotator/5046/irxcfmq0.jpg Working the OPEIU Local 12 State Fair Booth

Working the OPEIU Local 12 State Fair Booth

/Portals/opeiu12/EasyDNNRotator/5046/uzbrzppv.jpg Protest at TruStone Credit Union Headquarters

Protest at TruStone Credit Union Headquarters

President Ebeling and Union Rep Lance Lindeman protest outside of TruStone Credit Union's Headquarters Membership Meeting to put pressure to keep jobs Union!
/Portals/opeiu12/EasyDNNRotator/5046/sr1qqyun.jpg Informational picket at TruStone Finanical Credit Union Burnsville, MN

Informational picket at TruStone Finanical Credit Union Burnsville, MN

/Portals/opeiu12/EasyDNNRotator/5046/azxojhb4.jpg Informational picket at TruStone Finanical Credit Union Burnsville, MN

Informational picket at TruStone Finanical Credit Union Burnsville, MN


/Portals/opeiu12/EasyDNNRotator/5046/30ctno22.jpg 2016 Convention

2016 Convention

/Portals/opeiu12/EasyDNNRotator/5046/bbbwxhyr.jpg 2016 Convention

2016 Convention

/Portals/opeiu12/EasyDNNRotator/5046/i40ngdgh.jpg 2016 Convention

2016 Convention

/Portals/opeiu12/EasyDNNRotator/5046/oowpiuwv.jpg 2016 Convention

2016 Convention

/Portals/opeiu12/EasyDNNRotator/5046/h2kmisma.jpg 2016 Convention

2016 Convention

Phones Down right now at Local 12 Office. Hopefully, back up soon.

Phones down. Should be back up soon. Email if you need to contact us. 

OPEIU 12 Student Debt Reduction Scholarship Program: Deadline June 30, 2017

Five (5) $2,500 scholarship will be awarded in July of each year. Please click here for more information Deadline is June 30, 2017

Workers Memorial Day - April 28th

Safe Jobs are Every Worker's Right. On April 28th, the union of the AFL-CIO observe Workers Memorial Day to remember those who have suffered and died on the job and to renew the fight for safe jobs. Please click here for more information.

Want a OPEIU Membership Card?

To all OPEIU Local 12 Members. Do you need or want a OPEIU Local 12 Membership card, please contact our Bookkeeper, Sandy, at svondelinde@opeiu12.org

Minnesota State Retiree Council, AFL-CIO 14th Annual Fundraiser

Saturday April 29, 2017 from 3-7PM at the St. Paul Regional Labor Federation 353 W. 7th Street, Saint Paul, MN 55102.

Free Admission, Food & Parking, Silent Auction, Music, Games, Hourly Raffles, and a whole lot more.

OPEIU Reaches Settlement with TruStone Credit Union

By Steve Share from the Minneapolis Labor Review:

Workers at all branches of TruStone Financial Credit Union will be back in the bargaining unit represented by Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 12, thanks to a settlement between the employer and the union.

The settlement, effective Feb. 1, ends a dispute that began in 2015. Before the dispute, OPEIU Local 12 represented about 100 workers at TruStone’s corporate headquarters and six branch locations.

TruStone notified OPEIU Local 12 in summer of 2015 that the credit union would close its Golden Valley and Apple Valley locations and open two new branch offices nearby. TruStone said the Golden Valley and Apple Valley union employees could apply to transfer to another bargaining unit location or apply for a job at the “new” facilities, which the credit union declared would be non-union.

OPEIU Local 12 filed unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board.

In April of 2016, an administrative law judge for the National Labor Relations Board in Washington, D.C. ruled that TruStone’s actions violated federal labor law. The NLRB’s April 13, 2016, decision cited previous precedents and the facts of the case and declared, “an employer must apply an existing collective-bargaining agreement to a relocated facility if the operations at the new facility are substantially the same as those at the old facility…”

The NLRB judge ruled that TruStone’s claim that the relocated branch offices were “new” facilities was a “faulty semantic construct.”

To remedy TruStone’s unlawful actions, the NLRB judge ordered TruStone must apply its collective bargaining agreement with OPEIU Local 12 to the two relocated branch offices.

The credit union appealed the April 2016 ruling, however, and the months dragged on with no final resolution.

“Our case was in Washington for review and then the employer approached us for a settlement,” Traci Murphy, Local 12 union representative, reported January 19. “The settlement has the approval of the NLRB.”
She added: “we’re pleased with the settlement.”

Murphy said she didn’t know why the credit union decided to seek a settlement, but she did relate that Local 12 and TruStone successfully negotiated a new two-year  contract for the bargaining unit which runs through September 2018.

TruStone had offered a cheaper health insurance package at the relocated branch locations to lure workers away from the bargaining unit, she said, but now the entire bargaining unit will get that insurance package. “That’s definitely a contract victory for us,” she said.

“The NLRB process and how it worked definitely worked in our favor,” Murphy commented. “It’s been a long haul, that’s for sure.”

TruStone was founded in 1939 as the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers Credit Union. Over the years, the credit union changed its name and broadened its membership base. Local 12’s Murphy said few if any teachers remain on the credit union’s board.

OPEIU Local 12 is sending up to four (4) members to the 2017 North Central-Erie/Northeast Educational Conference

At the next General Membership Meeting on Wednesday, March 15, 2017, O.P.E.I.U. Local 12 will be accepting nominations and then holding a vote to select four (4) members in good standing to attend the 2017 North Central-Erie/Northeast Educational Conference.

Nominations can be in-person at the March General Membership Meeting or a letter of interest to be nominated can be sent to eboard@opeiu12.org.

The top four (4) members who receive the highest number of votes will be selected to attend the Education Conference. 

Airfare, baggage, registration, lodging, meals (included with lodging), lost time and per diem for travel days will be paid for by O.P.E.I.U. Local 12. 

The Education Conference will be held in Linthicum Heights, Maryland, at The Conference Center at the Maritime Institute, Wednesday, May 3, 2017, through Saturday, May 6, 2017.

BOYCOTT Mexican-made NABISCO Products

In July 2015, Nabisco announced it had chosen to invest an additional $130 million in its new $400 million plant in Salinas, Mexico, instead of investing that money in its iconic plant in Chicago. As a result, 600 workers in Chicago will lose their jobs. An entire community will be devastated. Nabisco products made in Mexico will be sent back to the United States for American consumers.

By making the decision to send production to Salinas, Mexico, Nabisco
is eliminating hundreds of middle

class jobs in this heavily African American and Hispanic community in southwestern Chicago
. Click here
to learn more!

NLRB Rules in Favor of OPEIU Local 12 and declares TruStone Financial Federal Credit Union violated Federal Labor Laws

OPEIU Local, last year, filed multiple Unfair Labor Practices against TruStone Financial Credit Union for violation of the National Labor Relations Act. The case was heard early January 2015 by an Administrative Law Judge. The decision came down today ruling in favor of OPEIU Local 12 and against TruStone Financial Credit Union. Click here to see the decision.

TruStone Informational Picket

Today, November 6 , 2015, O.P.E.I.U. Local 12 along with it's members and members from the community held an informational picket at TruStone Financial Credit Union in Burnsville, MN. Trustone recently closed its Union branch in Apple Valley and relocated the branch to Burnsville, MN, opening it as non-Union. This comes after TruStone pulled the same stunt in Golden Valley, MN. TruStone closed that Union branch, relocated it down the street and opened it non-Union. O.P.E.I.U. Local 12 filed a Unfair Labor Practice charge against TruStone for its anti-Union behavior and tactics. The National Labor Relations Board has found merit to the charge.

O.P.E.I.U. Local 12 and the community hopes that TruStone will stop its attack on Union workers and do the right thing. O.P.E.I.U. Local 12 with the help of its members and the community will continue to put pressure on TruStone to keep good paying Union jobs in the community that it serves.

Read about it here.

OPEIU Local 12's Fight Against TruStone Financial Credit Union

TruStone Financial Credit Union, in a unilateral decision, has closed two Union branches, relocated the branches and opened the branches non-Union. Read the following article here and follow our fight. OPEIU Local 12 has filed numerous grievances and has filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). OPEIU Local 12 continues to receive support from community members, concerned citizens, and other Unions across the state. Please contact us if you would like to assist in the fight to keep TruStone jobs Union!

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